Halyna Leontiy

I studied German linguistics, sociology and law in Chernivtsi (Ukraine) and Konstanz (Germany) and subsequently completed my doctorate at the University of Konstanz in sociology on German-Ukrainian business communication. I have been teaching and implementing research projects at various universities in Germany. On my research I focus on micro-sociology, sociology of culture and intercultural communication, migration research (communicative construction of (post)migration family), Eastern Europe research, social construction of gender, sexuality and diversity, and sociology of humor and satire in the context of migration. I am an expert in qualitative, interpretative and reconstructive methods of empirical social research, in particular ethnography of communication, conversation analysis, the sociology of knowledge hermeneutics, and discourse analysis. Since October 2021 I am standing in for the Chair of “Foundations of Social Sciences” at the University of Goettingen. Together with my students, I have been researching discourses about Ukraine in Germany within the framework of teaching research projects since 2022.